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    Hello. I cannot figure out why I can’t import my csv file. I am getting this error:
    <div class=”updated fade”>The location CSV import file is missing the address fields.</div>
    <div class=”updated fade”>Fields received were:

        [0] => sl_storesl_addresssl_citysl_statesl_zipsl_phone
    Do I need to save differently? Import differently?
    Thank you!


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    Hi Donald,

    I cannot see what your CSV file format looks like with a screenshot. Here is the documentation about the Datafields and formats.

    Which versions are you running of WP, SLP, ProPAck etc?

    Please provide your Plugin Environment (see Posting guidelines




    Hello Cici, thanks for your response. I think that I have it! I imported the comma delimited csv file into Excel as a column file, then re-exported out as a csv. I uploaded it and it worked!



    Happy to hear that.

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    I”m having trouble uploading. I’ve tried uploading a CSV file but no locations are showing. It says that 11 new locations were added, 276 locations did not need to be updated and 183 locations were updated. However, there are no locations uploaded. Could you help?


    In order to answer you with a possible solution, please provide your Plugin Environment and other pertinent info requested per the Posting guidelines. We need to know what versions, what add-ons etc that you are using. as well as the site url (if we need to check for conflicts with other plugins)


    See  info  in the documentation on Import and how to format your csv file, your data fileds etc.


    P.S. Clarissa, when you say no locations are showing up, where are they not showing up? In the back end admin panel under locations or on your front end results? Please provide the info above. Also what versions of WP are you using? Screen shot of your Plugin Environment is most useful. You can find it under the Info tab

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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