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    Hi there,
    We use the WP SLP Power plugin on this page:
    When I search by postcode, it does not appear to be defaulting to the base country?

    My understanding this is controlled by Settings > Map > Map Domain
    I have selected Australia (
    So, if I search postcode ‘2095’ (which is a Sydney postcode) – it works correctly.
    But if I search ‘2100’ (which is another Sydney postcode) it comes up with Antwerp in Belgium, rather than Sydney, Australia?

    We obviously need it to default to postcodes in Australia.

    We recently migrated the site to a new web server – could this cause any issues?



    Google has an Australia blinder on. We understand totally an sympathize. The return that google search does is outside the scope of the SLP plugin. The developer has built in some tricks to try and force Google to FOCUS on what is being asked for.  I have an Australia only ,map my self and by adding the country Australia to the short code all addresses return correctly.

    Power add-on doesnt control where Google searches, the location sensor helps but there are restrictions (for instance do you have a valid SSL cert) and you would have to assume that the only people searching are within same (Australia)

    the experience add-on also allows for an append filter.

    See shortcodes 


    Here is more information in docs site on how the search works

    Discrete search




    What’s a ‘blinder’?
    I’m pretty sure this used to work correctly previously just by selecting We also used to use Enhanced Search and the Pro Power pack before they were retired.
    Yes, we have an SSL certificate installed.
    Has something changed for it to no longer work?
    How can we fix this?
    Is there a setting in the Power Add-on?
    Unsure if we can add a Country-selector Shortcode, as we need to search both AU and NZ.



    The discrete search is not in Power, it is part of the Experience add-on. You mentioned the retired Enhanced Search, the functionality for all the Enhanced add-ons is now contained in Experience add-on.  I shared the link  to the documentation for  discrete search.

    The Experience add-on also allows for a Dropdown menu for countries.   You can also add labels in the address box to request people put in more information so that Google will come back correctly.   What I meant by a blinder, is: Australia does not have unique postal codes. Google will return other countries that could have a similar postal code. I have attached a screenshot, using GOOGLE MAPS (not SLP) and requesting zip code 2100 there are 3 results returned. Belgium, Portugal and Denmark…which one am I looking for? It didn’t come back with Sydney.  Thus the experience add-on and the Premier add-ons have added things such as autoocmplete address which will pre fill with locations from your SLP locations list.  I hope this clarifies what I mean by having blinders on. Obviously Google comes back with the most common searches when someone types in a postal code of 2100.  See How Search and how Google MAP API works

    To be able to assist you properly , please read the posting guidelines. The screenshot we need is of your Plugin environment (see Posting guidelines)

    As a side note: The developer is looking into changes that WP made as security patches in how SQL was being handled. WordPress 4.8.2 updated  how they “fixed” string security. They also then changed another set of rules in 4.8.3 but it wasn’t in their codex. The developer is working through their CODE now to see if it could have any impact on how search javascript is working in the event that Google has not changed their algorithms.

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    Hi Cici,

    1. Ok, so the short answer is we need to buy the ‘Experience’ plugin to gain the Country selector feature we used to use in the expired ‘Enhanced Search’ plugin? The transition would have been much quicker and easier if this was communicated through the expired plugin somehow.

    2. On another note, is it possible to create a URL that would pre-select a Category in the search function?

    In order to send people to the search results for one category?




    1.It is communicated when you update  SLP  to a  newer SLP version , you see a  message and it tells you that your Enhanced search has been disabled and is not compatible. I do not recall the exact message as it was retired quite a while ago.  (SLP version 4.7.4)  The post  was in January 2017.  All individual legacy add-ons have been phased out over the past 2 plus years and they were announced in various posts, twitter, facebook, news feeds and documentation. The Products page and the documentation site explains what replacement you should consider.

    2. URL to select category is not part of any add-on currently. That would require customization. If you are interested please select customization. (NOTE: You will see on that page that any customization requires the purchase of the Premier subscription before the customization would start, )



    1. Yes I saw the message that the old plugins had been retired, but I didn’t see any messaging that clearly explained that we needed to purchase the new Power and Experience plugins to retain the same features we had in the expired plugins.

    Doing a quick search through old emails, I have now just seen and read your email from July 2016 with the coupon codes for the upgrades, but I clearly missed that one at the time, as the email was unread. Shame, as we would have upgraded both at the time with the discounts if I had seen that email and avoided loosing the features as discussed. This could have been communicated through the plugin so it would have been impossible to miss.

    2. Ok



    We sent the coupons via Mail chimp. there is no way to send it through the plugin admin box. The Info news was visble at the time and announcements were shown under the SLP News field. It is not shown in the admin box any longer as people were not reading the News logs and it was taking up too much “real estate”
    Sorry your email box was bogged down. that happens sometimes, we do not continue to send multiple emails as people do not like being hounded. If plugins are not maintained or checked by the administrators of the WordPress site, updates can be missed.

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