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    I have two locations when looking up by zip code do not appear correctly. My location page is and the first store is Enmarket 878 Edisto Island. If you type in 29482, the other location appears but this location does not. File attached.

    The second location is Enmarket 895 Perry SC and if you type in zip code 29124 it puts you in Brazil, South America. File attached. Both of the store pages appear correctly for geo-locate.

    I attached the Brazil map. When I clicked on Add another file, it sent me to the top of the forum. Together both files are 120 KB.
    All other locations work perfectly.

    Store Locator Plus:4.8.7

    Event Location Manager:4.5.02


    Extended Data Manager:4.7.0



    Social Media Extender:4.5.02

    User Managed Locations:4.5.03

    Site URL:

    This Info Cached:1526568178

    Network Active:No

    WordPress Version:4.9.5

    PHP Version:5.4.45

    MySQL Version:5.5.51

    PHP Limit:256M

    WordPress General Limit:40M

    WordPress Admin Limit:256M

    PHP Peak RAM:65 MB

    PHP Post Max Size:64M



    Where the zip code search sends you is a Google issue not an SLP issue.

    But one issue that you have, is that you are not running on a secure site. because of this, Location sensor is not working. For instance I visited your site and typed in 29484, the locations in results load but the ones nearest me (since I am in Charleston) did not load first. If you had a secure site and enabled Location sensor that one would come up first I assume.

    (There may be a time in the future when Google Maps restrict unsecured sites further. Have you read the news feeds about the requirements to have a Google API key and add a billing account to it?)

    Since Google is not recognizing the zip code for Perry SC, you may need to put a description in the search form to tell people that both a zip code and city is needed. When I typed in Perry SC in your search box it did return correctly.
    If you do not wish to do that you can try the append to search shortcode to be conditional. I do this for countries (like osta Rica) that Google likes to ignore. Are all your locations in the US and the Southeast? If so you can add the shortcode on the page something like this (inside your shortcode brackets)

    [SLPLUS map_region=”us” center_map_at=”Aiken,SC”,initial_radius=”1000″ append_to_search=”United States”]

    You shouldn’t need to do all that but it will help if google is refusing to recognize your zip codes as is.

    Or, since you have Premier, you can use the Settings/Search/Auto-complete-zipcode….and when someone begins typing in a zipcode it will fill in after the first three from your data set.
    See the documentation for all these tools.

    Is there a reason why you have not updated to the latest versions of SLP, Premier,Power, experience etc as yet? Thought that was something you were working towards…. with the versions you are running now I am afraid I cannot test anything or provide much guidance as we no longer are working with those versions. If it worked before the way it is, then the answer is simply that google changed their algorithms like they constantly do to misdirect and you will need to tell your customers to provide more details in their search or try some of the other tools I suggested..



    Thank you. We are working towards upgrading, but need to completely rebuild this site. When we tried upgrading we were given PHP errors and had to roll back so that the site would work. My Enmarket contact was supposed to upgrade the Google API so I will follow-up with her as well as pushing this back to the forefront.

    Thanks again.



    Have you looked into using the MySLP.Com Power, Professional or Enterprise level plans?

    All the newer customization tweaks by our developer are going to be concentrated on the We manage the updates, the server etc. You wouldnt be running into these constant problems with trying to update the software. It uses embed. We take care of the Google API as part of the subscription.


    You can compare the two in the documentation



    The migration of a site from Http to https is not an easy task. Lance has written some news articles about this and other dev topics that you may find useful. You will need to make sure you have backups and dev sites for sure.

    P.S. customization or add-on inquiries: MySLP was developed by a group of our development and software engineers and our SLP author under Cybersprocket. MySLP does not have third party (un)managed add-ons. We have developed all aspects of the interface and continue to improve and add features as requested by our growing subscribere base. see the consulting link here.



    Thanks CiCi. I will forward your suggestions to the Directors. With our constant expansion, I will suggest moving to a account once I have the site rebuilt so it can handle it.




    DEACTIVATE SME if you decide to update SLP!!! SME will crash the site if there are “strict type checking ‘ enabled in PHP

    If You have “strict type checking ‘ enabled in PHP , the base plugin SLP had to set their addon property ($addon) to public — As we now see, SME does not support that and we have had a report of it crashing someones site.

    UML should still work.

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