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    Hi! My map is working great. However, I have 6 locations filled in on the back end, but only 5 show up on the front end – I’ve tried deleting and re-adding to no avail, as well as adding a completely new location… is there a limit or anything I’m missing? Should I change some settings? This is my only issue otherwise this plugin is perfect for me!


    Any help appreciated, thank you!




    Please provide a copy of your plugin environment, screenshot is best, and also your URl. as requested in the Posting guidelines.

    I cannot really help you without that information, the posting guidelines suggest you update  versions first. Troubleshooting also provides guidance, i.e what can cause issues with your maps locations etc…also check your settings, radius etc…what add-ons if any you have. Please provide details, otherwise I can only make guesses as to what your particular issues are.



    My apologies. Here are screenshots of the back and front ends.

    Plugin Backend

    Plugin Frontend

    The Prime Leaf entry, and anything after that, will not show up on the front end. Here is the page in question:

    My SLP version is 4.5.13, running the Sydney Pro theme ( version 1.41, and WordPress at version 4.5.3.

    Currently activated plugins:

    • Akismet
    • Contact Form 7
    • Huge IT Google Map
    • Instagram Slider Widget
    • Jetpack
    • PageBuilder by SiteOrigin
    • Simple Custom CSS
    • SiteOrigin Widgets
    • Store Locator Plus
    • Sydney Toolbox
    • Under Construction / Maintenance Mode From Acurax

    Other settings:

    Number To Show Initially: 50
    Radius To Search Initially: 200
    Max Search Results: 25

    I hope this information will suffice for now. If you need temporary admin access, please let me know. Thank you for your quick reply!



    Ok I see that you mention you have 4.5.13. Assume you do not have any add-ons, such as Power, or ProPack, or Experience Add-on. So what you need to tweak is your center Map at, your search default radius, and the other settings mentioned above.  You  say your default is 200 miles, it will show the results based on closest to your map center.  Your radius behavior under the Search, is it set at Always use? The screenshots above do not provide the info we need as far as versions , configuration but apparently you do not have any add-ons.

     setting up the various parameters settings under search and under results in the documentation page. Setting the Results radius to a large enough number to include all, etc is paramount.





    Hi Cici!

    Thanks for the replies. The problem ended up being the default radius as you mentioned. The last entry is 208 miles away so it was just out of range – I changed the default to 1000 and now it’s showing up. Thank you for the suggestion, every thing is resolved, A-OK!


    Thank you!! 🙂



    Hi Dave ,
    Glad I could be of help and for letting us know it is resolved.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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