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    S Brost

    Having an issue with not being able to add any new locations.  Dashboard Locations Form missing button to add.  Updated the plug-in.  Reloaded and overwrite the files via Filezilla.  Still, no button.  Anyone else having this issue?  How to fix?


    Sounds like you have another plugin (or theme) as a conflict…reported plugin that disables our javascript back end is Smush (>). We already run minify on our plugins. Try deactivating one plugin at a time to see which one is the issue.

    When posting in forums please read and follow forum guide and provide the plugin environment etc so that we can be better at answering specific questions


    Similar issue with functionality to add/import/load locations does not display. WP 5.2.4, WC 3.7.1 no plugin conflicts.  Chrome and IE 11 displays same issue.  Appears to be an HTML format issue in plugin.  See attached image.

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    I am not sure what you are showing us, the screen shot clearly shows the ADD under locations

    but if you want to import or export you need the power add-on.
    Are you trying to import...

    We ask in posting guidelines that you provide your plugin environment. We do not need to know which browser you are using, it has nothing to do with the plugin back end

    See what is meant by Plugin Environment

    See how to import if that is what you are referring to.

    See how to add a location

    If you click on the ADD tab under locatuions and nothing happens then there is a conflict with another plugin. Smush it is a minify plugin that conflicts with SLP, that is the only one we know of that cstomers have reported as in conflict.

    A sure fire way to find out which one is in conflict is to deactivate plugins one by one, if its theme, try switching to a WP theme.

    See troubleshooting Debug with WP debugger


    I am totally confused who is asking what now that I see there are 2 different people posting.

    ….Jonathan please start a new post with your pertinent information and follow guidelines. You glommed onto a post that may very well have been resolved.

    Neither of you provided the Plugin environment which shows us what version of SLP you are using, and @ Jonathan
    please start a new post and explain your issue, unless you are working with S Brost sitting next to him there may be a good chance you are describing different issues or may have different plugins, themes , versions, etc.
    which makes it impossible for us to assess.

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