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    I have been a long time user of Store Locator Plus with the ‘Pro Pack’.

    I recently updated from 4.2.55 to the latest version.

    Now I am not able to use the ‘Pro Pack’ and the location sensor functionality that used to come with it

    What can I do without having to fork out another $250+ to get the old options that I used to have and I have paid for?



    Roll back to an older version of SLP to have ProPack still work (that is legacy , please find suggestions and info  here and July 2016 posts here, and here in docs site  . Many  announcements, posts and emails were sent out over the past two years. For a  year we offered discounts  for those users who wanted to update. We apologize if  we missed you , our record s show that your purchase is over 4 years old and you have not updated the base plugin in many years  so may be missing important security patches.  Basically it is suggested if you want to continue the outdated add-on, do not  update the base SLP plug-in.  or  you may consider switching to MYSLP SAAS which is a managed software service using the Store locator Plus for a low monthly fee. You would not need to worry about maintaining and updating the SLP plug-in under our managed MYSLP service. See product and docs page for more info. If you switch over there is a way to load your locations from the current base DIY SLP to the managed SLP service

    NOTE: Is your site a secured site, i.e a valid SSL cert?  an https site? and do you have a valid key from the GOOGLE API developers console?

    IF it is not a secure site, location sensor will not work with Chrome or the Google service regardless. Many other browsers are also adding these security measures.  Google and Chrome have had restrictions since Chrome version 50 (released in 2016)  and they will only return locations that are  using location sensor if the  request is generated within the url of a valid site (https://).  See the Google developers console for more information.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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