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    I updated SLP to Version 4.7.6 (I think it was at 4.7.5 OR 4.7.4) and now none of the locations are showing upon the default load. What happened? Nothing changed in code.





    What did you update from and too? If you updated from a version that was pre version 4.6 and jumped updates to 4.7.6 we discovered it could cause issues.
    What SLP plugin style are you using, I viewed your site and the map markers are appearing but no results under the map is that what you are referring to? Are you using the Plugin style Hidden results?
    Under UI Experience/results, do you have show locations at Startup selected/ Do you have any CSS or checkboxes marked that Hide locations that carried over to your staging site? I.e. Did your original site have a legacy add-on such as Enhanced Results, Search, Map, etc (You can check that with the free Janitor for SLP under the options table)
    I cannot tell what exactly the issue is without more information, what is your Plugin environment for instance (See what we mean by Plugin environment here)

    I see an issue with a line in your theme.
    The warning message below:
    ( Inspect using your browser):

    MMENU: The configuration option “selectedClass” is deprecated, use classNames.selected instead.
    e.(anonymous function).deprecated @ main.min.js:4

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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