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    I am currently running the latest versions of SLP & SLP Power. Unfortunately, nothing seems to happen when I select my CSV file from my local drive. I believe the default WP media uploader is enabled on my installation, but the CSV file does not appear in my media library. I would greatly appreciate any troubleshooting tips you could share.



    Hello Paul,

    See documentation concerning correct csv file headers etc. There are also some examples in the various docs site.

    here are some links for your review.





    When you post in the forums it is useful to post a screenshot of your Plugin environment found under the Info tab under SLP, and your site url so we can better assist you. Things like WP versions, PHP versions, MYSQL info is helpful as well as the versions of the plugins.

    See versions here to ensure you truly have the latest versions.https://wordpress.storelocatorplus.com/support/slp-versions/



    Good morning, Cici. Thank you for the reply and the info.

    I am currently attempting to upload a CSV file with four columns of data representing just over 1,300 locations (headers used: store, latitude, longitude and url). None of these locations were loaded previously.

    Prior to selecting my file, when I hover over the ‘Select Your CSV File’ button, the pop-up text reads “No file chosen”. When I hover over the button after I select my file, the pop-up text displays the name of my file. However, the file upload never seems to initiate. Is there something else I’m supposed to do after selecting the file to initiate the process? I’m sure I’m just missing something…Thanks again for your help!

    Details from my plugin environment are outlined below:

    Store Locator Plus:4.9.10


    Site URL:http://curbtheappeal.com

    This Info Cached:1520971027

    Network Active:No

    WordPress Version:4.9.4

    PHP Version:7.0.25

    MySQL Version:5.5.51

    PHP Limit:256M

    WordPress General Limit:40M

    WordPress Admin Limit:256M

    PHP Peak RAM:36 MB

    PHP Post Max Size:64M



    Are you selcting your csv file from A LOCAL DIRECTORY or folder on your computer or are you trying to select from a non-public html path?

    I just tested it out on my test site and once I selected a csv file that I had saved on my local pc it intitiated and loaded instantly. Of course I tested a small file but your file size of 1300 locations is not that large

    Are you seeing the csv file in your media library?

    Important note:When I visit your site you are showing above, under WP Content sources I see file folder SLP POWER 4…that is not what it should be showing me, it should only show slp-power all small letters and no 4 after it.

    I also see when i click on that source this:

    that is not right either. So unless you are importing on a totally different site, something messed up your add-on.

    I do not know what may have happened , if someone copied the plugin add-on over from another site, but you should reinstall Power from your account. I know you had some issues last fall. Do a clean install of Power.



    I did a clean install of Power and all is now resolved. Thanks again, Cici!



    Fantastic glad I could be of help. If you haven’t done so and would like to leave positive feedback on the WordPress site and mention the timely support it would help me out immensely. I will have support send you a request via email as well
    Thanks again!


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