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    Hi, right now we’re using  Store Locator Plus:4.4.37 with Enhanced Results:4.3.02 plugin.

    We need a deeper hierarchy with our stores, as follow:

    1) Official stores are the main ones; they should have a different marker and they are the first ones to appear in the list
    2) Official Point; they are the second ones on the list. As before, they should have a different marker.
    3) Authorized reseller: these are the last one, they come in the list after Official Stores and Points.

    Is there a way to obtain this solution, maybe buying some other plugin?

    Thank you.



    Hi stefano



    under Order results by you can sort and rank and featured.  For individual different map markers,  or an heirachial category you will want the Experience Add-on

    I do not know how SLP 4.4.37 works. we are currently using 4.6.3 on SLP (see video for Enhanced results 

    Enhanced results will not have any more updates since it has been replaced by the Experience Add-on’ (see docs)





    It’s no big deal, we’ll update SLP and buy experience add-on, we just wanna be extra sure that the plugin provides the kind of result that our client is asking for. We’re checking the documentation but there’s no trace of heirachial category or different markers, can you please provide a working example?
    just to be sure before paying 250 dollars.



    We have a demo site. It was down (the NINJA demo plugin was buggy) I think it is back up, we’ve just been very busy with having lost a few days . Here is the documentation for Experience Add-on


    You are looking for a ranking of  results when you refer to  hierarchy correct, not “categories which uses  the Word Press taxonomy for (store) pages and  categories  Those are two different things. Category Management and assigning a product or tag to a location is part of Power add-on.

    Having results, Order by rank. or adding featured locations (you select ALWAYS show even if not in radius)  and different map markers is part of the  Experience. add-on

    For  example, my screen shots for the back end and front end. Note I also have Power Add-on and therefore have assigned categories to certain locations and ranked the categories.  I selected Feature (always show first) rank (number 1 is the category assigned in Tagalong for “restaurant”) and closest last. Even though the closest is the Vendue Inn  , it is not Featured and even though it is  ranked as a restaurant it appears last. That is because Tamarindo is also marked as Featured, but its not ranked nor marked as a restaurant , but it shows on the map because I have the  “order results by hierarchy” set to  FEATURED, RANK,CLOSEST

    Please review the product descriptions.





    Maybe we could achieve our goal with experience add on alone. Let’s make an example: We search for stores 25 miles around Milan, and we have 20 results with Official Stores, Official Points and Authorized resellers among them. We can assign ranking 1 to Official Stores, 2 to Official Points and 3 to the Official resellers. In this way we can assign a hierarchy to the results. The problem is, we want the differences to be visible and clear with different colors (Official Stores highlighted in red and Points in blue) and different icons. Is it doable with Experience Add on alone?



    If you know CSS, you can write the rules for the results appearance to be highlighted.

    As far as Map Markers, you can associate each per location but you would have to do it for each location unless you have Tagalong and/or power add-ons. If you only have 20 stores it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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