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    D H

    Some how the “Load Data” defaults to Checked. I think it’s when someone manually loads a file.. But later we are expecting the Remote File Retrieval to continue on as scheduled.

    This is a TERRIBLE problem when we are depending in a big way on the “Power” features to work!

    We are using the Importer to automatically load updates. There have been times when Extendo fields are not getting populated. When I look, I see that “Load Data” option is checked!

    There has to be a better way to ensure the default works correctly with SLP Power.




    Please provide your plugin environment each time you post so we can see what versions you are using, there have been a couple of updates this week.

    We have tested and we cannot recreate your issue:

    i..E you say Load data is automatically checked off?

    have you tried WP debug on a staging site (assuming  the staging site reproduces the issue) and check for errors — especially in SLP code. If you see errors in SLP code please forward them to Support so the developer can take a look.


    We have the developer working this weekend on some other issues for an essential business  during the covid 19 crisis. So any info you can provide. He is checking settings under the View settings, so once  he is done with that he will be able to get more in depth with your issues.


    Thank you for your patience while we have limited staffing

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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