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    Hey there, I’m having trouble finding documentation for any event I can attach to when the map displays results.  If you can post a link to the documentation that would be dandy.

    We want to “disable” the screen until results come back – we have 2600+ locations and it takes a while to come back, people are impatient and hit the search button multiple times.



    Got it.

    jQuery(‘#map_sidebar’).on(‘contentchanged’, function()






    You can disable initial directory or have results only after search under Experience/Results if you have the Experience add-on.

    If your configuration or server is not responding fast enough I am not sure there is anything SLP will be able to do.

    See additional information for shortcodes  in documentation


    Please read posting guidelines

    You have not shown your screenshot or provided us with enough information to assist you. what version of SLP are you using , what version of WP , what version or add-ons, what is your site url, php?    version php, there are numerous articles from the developer and author  about information technology  improving your site, boosting server,  configuration etc,


    see the side menu under INFO and NEWS



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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