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    Hello Cici

    Is there a page in My Account area where I can download for my records a copy of your invoice related to my recent payment? (#75875 January 22, 2020 $275.00 for 1 item)

    Also I see the record is dated January 22 but the order was placed on 30 June 2020?

    Many Thanks


    The reason for the discrepancy in dates is because you let the premier subscription lapse. It was due for renewal in January (Jan 16 2020) . It should have been automatically cancelled on our end and normally you would have had to start with a new subscription when it is that far overdue.  Anyhow,  your subscription does not jump forward the 5 months . It will be due for renewal in January 2021.


    I can send you a copy from the third party processor  if you paid via Stripe.

    It will be sent to the name and email on record in Stripe


    Thank you Cici

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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