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    I apologize to begin with.  I’m transferring a site from a shell to the new site.  I updated SLP on the old site before I launched the new one, which I also updated to PRO.  So the updated info on the stores didn’t convert.  I have the exported CSV saved and I’ve tried several times to upload and it has only added the phone numbers and a couple of other bits of data we have.  I followed the spotty directions on how to do the upload.  It’s obviously getting there but not taking all the way. So now I all locations are gone, page is not valid.  Any help would be great. 2nd file is mine.

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    Your csv headers appear to be out of order.  The screen shot you show has store, then an unnamed column, is that contacts??  Each column needs to have a data header field…,..Also you have a special character in th4e screen shot, in the phone number you added a plus sign,

    turn on the Locator  import messages when importing and it will show you which headers will load.   It is difficult to troubleshoot your csv file since it is a screenshot of an excel or google sheet, those were the things I noticed, not having a header for what appears to be your contacts field (?)

    Example of data field headers in documentation here

    and here

    If you do not have existing stores in new site do not use the sl_id shown in the example files in documentation.

    sl_id column as those are unique identifiers.

    Please , in any replies or posts, follow the posting guidelines when posting in the forums, need versions and which plugins you of SLP you are using. I assume you have the Power add-on but no idea if you have current version



    As noted in the support ticket to Lance, Your Google API is either not correct or has referrer restrictions.

    Make sure you are using a Google JavaScript API key and it is unrestricted.

    This is likely why your imports didn’t work , the geocoding step was slowing it down.

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