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    I have a Premier Subscription and am trying to import a csv file with locations into my website.

    When I click on the select your csv file button and click my file nothing happens. I have tried a number of times periodically throughout the day and nothing happens.

    I have used the import feature in the past, so I’m not sure if a recent update has broken the feature because its not working for me now.

    I really need to get these locations up on the site within the next 24 hours.

    All the plugins are updated to the current versions.

    I read a recent forum post about my file appearing in my media files. and it is there, but I have no idea what to do now. I have no tech knowledge, I just want my locations to upload like they used to.




    Please provide the information required to assist you. I.e plugin environment, Version of PHP, WP, SQL, add-ons, SLP, your site info. A screenshot of your plugin environment would help. ,  There have been recent version updates . See Posting guidelines



    what version of Power and SLP etc are you using, all that info can be found under your INFO TAB PLUGIN ENVIRONMENT



    ALso PHP version, click on SLP/INFO/Plugin environment. We cannot help you without this information. You do not need to look at the media file unless you are troublehsooting and need to view to make sure correct file is in there.   if you have not updated or have updated recently we need that info as well in order to assist you in a timely manner



    Thank you for your response.

    See attached the screenshot of my Plugin environment.


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    Could you send the file you are attempting to import to Contact us?  How many locations are you attempting to import?  What is your page setting in your WP SLP admin panel?   Are you seeing partial importing or error messages?

    There is a new Power undergoing testing right now, if you have a staging or dev site you can download the pre release to see if that works for you.  Do you have a back-up of your site if you need to downgrade to earlier version in the short term?




    Lance Cleveland

    Tony –

    Can you send an email to and provide an admin login to your site.

    I’d also like to have permission to turn on debug mode on your site, but it may output some PHP coding messages on the live site if any of your plugins or themes have issues.  It will be temporary but since your site is live customers may see that while looking into possible issues.

    As for checking things out, the first step is to see if the location CSV file made it into  your media files list.   The location import now stores the uploaded CSV in the standard WordPress uploads so it now appears there as a location CSV file.

    WordPress Media showing a locations file from my test site:

    If the file is NOT there that means you either do not have permissions to upload files to WordPress (unlikely if you can get to the import tab) or the built-in WordPress media uploader has been disabled.

    If the file IS there you can click on it to see if the file is being processed by WordPress.  On the file details you will see on the top right side the current status of the file.   It should say Data Type: location_csv and a status.  In my example below the file has been processed and shows all 9 records loaded.   If it is NOT being processed you will see that in the status and the current file offset will appear showing how far it is through the file.

    My test file AFTER being loaded: Status = Processing complete, current offset not shown, Records Loaded: 9

    Offset 0 means your background processor in WordPress (WordPress Cron) is not running.  You can try to force it to run by adding /wp-cron.php to your website address in your browser.  For example:

    Reload that media page by clicking Media in your WordPress admin panel, then click on the file to see the details.they only update when the media list first loads so make sure you’ve clicked Media in the admin page again even if you are already on the page.

    Look at the file details, if it is  no longer stuck at “Offset zero” then something on your site, usually a security configuration, is preventing scheduled tasks (WP Cron) from being started from a WordPress plugin.  This should be a non-issue for a public site with any traffic.

    If “kicking WP Cron in the backside” didn’t help by going to that wp-cron.php page (it should come up with NOTHING, a blank page is correct) then something is preventing WP Cron from running.  You can tell if the file details stay stuck on offset 0.    If that happens either someone on the tech team managing your site has turned OFF WP Cron processing completely (some website management/dev shops do this) OR a plugin/theme is breaking when Cron runs due to a coding error.    Turning on WP_DEBUG is the easiest way to catch coding errors like this but it can output some ugly messages on the public site when in debug mode (it can be turned off once the debug log is created when you try to access the wp-cron.php URL again while it was on).





    One last question. Were you Excel to create your file? And if so were you also using Safari, MAC? There is an issue with special characters being added back in especially in their cloud excel. Try using the Google sheets and downloading that to a csv file. Lance discovered that a new update to the Excel cloud service and when importing on a MAc, files were being corrupted. As soon as they used Google sheets downloaded to csv the files uploaded without a snag.

    Please let us know if you are still having issues.

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