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    I’ve been trying over and over again and with the latest v4.8 to import and update locations with categories and tags. What appears to be happening is the category fields are being stripped and not updated? I’m importing UTF-8 CSV file and the formatting is exactly the same from the original exported file. I’m hoping you can guide me to what I’m doing incorrectly or if it is possible to import and update the categories for locations. Thanks



    Yes importing and updating  and creating categories on the fly  is part of the Power add-on and it has been tested with version 4.8. I just double checked and imported a new location and new category, as well as imported in same file a new location with an existing category assigned. They imported correctly.

    What site did you export from?  Were you using an older Legacy add-on?

    If you imported to a new site the sl_id will not have been established , therefore that column is not needed unless you have duplicates in your database already established and have an assigned sl_id. then you want to make sure the sl_id matches before  updating them.

    There is a quirk in some data sets that will require you to re-arrange the header row (first row) of the export file.  Before importing your export file back in on your new site make sure you’ve checked that the headers have not shifted, that they have correct field names as things may have changed over time.  read about duplicate handling and the column header sl_id.




    I’m looking to export my locations. Do I need the Power Plugin to accomplish this?




    Yes, if you intend to continue using SLP version 4.8 then you will need to upgrade to the Power add-on. See the FAQ documentation and the SLP posts shown in the side bar of these forums. Power replaces the Legacy versions of ProPack, Pages, Contact extender and Directory Builder as well as tagalong.  For other information about which legacy add-ons correspond to the newer add-ons see the Documentation . If you need to upgrade Enhanced add-ons plus the add-ons mentioned above your best bet is to purchase the Premier subscription and get them all. It is a better value and provides you with all the features of the add-ons, plus features and functionality not available elsewhere.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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