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    How do I add the image to the top of the results? Here is the current shortcode:

    [slp_addon section=primary position=first]

    [slp_location name] [slp_location uml_buttons] [slp_location gfi_buttons]

    [slp_location distance_1] [slp_location distance_unit]

    [slp_addon section=primary position=last]

    [slp_addon section=secondary position=first]

    [slp_location address]

    [slp_location address2]

    [slp_location city_state_zip]

    [slp_location country]

    [slp_location phone]

    [slp_location fax]

    [slp_addon section=secondary position=last]

    [slp_addon section=tertiary position=first]

    [slp_location web_link]

    [slp_location email_link]

    [slp_location directions_text]

    [slp_location hours]

    [slp_location pro_tags]

    [slp_location iconarray wrap=”fullspan”]

    [slp_location eventiconarray wrap=”fullspan”]

    [slp_location socialiconarray wrap=”fullspan”]

    [slp_addon section=tertiary position=last]




    If you do not find a plugin style that meets your needs  and want to further  modify the results layout you would need the Experience add-on

    and have basic knowledge of CSS, and HTML.

    See documentation

    CSS rules

    result layout,

    appearance layout example

    and  data field

    Please when posting provide your plugin environment.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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