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    Hi there. Just wondering how I can export a .csv of all my locations.

    I searched the forum for “export” and saw a bunch of threads with people arguing back and forth, haha. So I take it there was an update made and that I will need to pay extra for this feature for some reason, but I’m not interested in complaining. I just want to know what I need to do or buy in order to export a .csv file that I can distribute to my sales team.

    Thank you very much.




    I am not sure what you currently have for add-ons.  Some people still use the Legacy add-on ProPack but we cannot guarantee ProPack will be compatible with future updates to SLP so we suggest the Power add-on. .  We have two documentation sites that answer questions regarding what to buy for certain functionality and features…Here and under FAQ  What to buy.

    Power add-on allows for exports to a csv file.



    Hey Cici,

    I am a Legacy user with SLP but I don’t have Pro Pack 4.2 and not sure if I should just make the upgrade to Power to get the export feature or just upgrade to Pro Pack 4.2 for now? Sounds like the Power upgrade is the best option as ProPack will most likely NOT be compatible with future developments. I’m in the middle of site redesign and for now I just want to export my current dataset.  If I purchase the Pro Pack and then Decide to just go to Power and /or even become a Premier Member can that purchase be applied to the upgrade?

    Thanks for you help here…I have developers working on all this now…and I already have in place a great deal of styling and customization so trying to access options.

    Many Thanks


    (I’ve attached what i have now)



    WHEW, those are antiques…First as I am sure you are aware, Back up back up back up.

    Backup Your WordPress Site

    Do  NOT jump major versions, take some baby steps first.  All kinds of wonky things can happen depending on your configuration, server, php versions

    I think I saw an email to support.  As far as if you use ProPack, first of all the newer version of ProPack will most likely not work with the antique version of SLP .  So you can find a version of SLP Core plugin that you need here.

    Q. Where can I find an earlier version of the Core SLP plugin?


    The older add-ons will probably not work  as you go along. Power add-on includes the functionality of Contact Extender, Pages and ProPack.

    There is a lot to think about when switching off an old site and developing a new site. Lance wrote some excellent suggestions in the docs site New channel

    Q. We are developing a new website and want to move the content can I add the plug-in data we already have, into the new website?

    As far as discount, or trading up.  If it is within a reasonable time frame we will give you a discount via a coupon. If the purchase of the upgrade is within 30 days , equal value…as time goes on the value will mist likely  diminish.  It is then at the discretion of the support team (me) or the developer,  author of the plugin.  Sometimes if he really likes someone, or they send him some cool rum, he is even downright generous.


    If you are going to use the Pages and Contact Extender and Import functionality it is definitely a better value to buy Power.

    If you are a web designing, marketing, developer, software guru or have multiple clients we prefer you buy the Premier subscription iaw the EULA and fair business practices that we all abide by.






    P.S. About the arguing, I did a search of the word” Export” in forums  and I believe there was a big foo foo food fight from one of our customers who didn’t like my answer to someone else…even though I answered them that ProPACK VERSION 4.6.5  worked perfectly fine with SLP versions 4.7.7.  I test it on a regular basis and so does the developer,  Lance.  I guess he came to my defense and I didnt even realize that was out there.  I guess everyone thinks its ok in a forum to throw mud since it  is more informal.  I personally do not understand it.  There are real people behind the curtain.

    The place to look for information about export is the Products pages and the documentation site.

    The forums are useful for specific questions that cannot be answered or are not clear in the documents.  We try to make the documentation as clear as possible but one size doesn’t fit all.

    There are a few posts in the docs site about exports and imports.

    Troubleshooting Large scale Exports

    How to Export Locations to CSV file

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