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    Tomas Hartl

    Hello there.

    We are experiencing a very high volume of Geocoding API calls.  E.g. over the last 12 hours there are about 1,500 calls to Geocoding API and only 39 calls to Maps Javascript API.  We have confirmed the calls are coming from SLP.

    Is this expected behaviour?

    BTW, currently the Server key is not present, which results in 100% error rate in Cloud console.  I’m not sure if those calls are still billable, but hoping they’re not, so that’s why the key has been removed for now…

    I am attaching the environment info…

    Here is the SLP page:

    Thank you,

    Tomas Hartl

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    You are not on our server so we would not be auto pinging Google with call backs, but using any Browser dev tools you can see that you have this in as your results container for some of your locations:

    href which I have never seen done before. So you have maps built within maps.

    Every time your sit loads the map and results it is pinging that geocode you have built into your results (or theme). Looks nice but you should contact Google support on how that is impacting your api billing.

    some suggestions the developer wrote an article about reducing Geocoding.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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