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    Hi there, I’m having a problem with getting the Google Map API to now show errors in the console.  I have attached screenshots of how I have it setup.  Can you tell me what I”m doing wrong please?

    Here is the link to the page.


    Thanks so much!




    You only need a Google MAP API key if your site domain is not grandfathered , pre-June 22 2016. I only see a warning, that indicates perhaps you had the site domain before that date.  But I do see failures at that url, understand its a dev site, so I really cant help yopu with that,those need to be addressed by you.

    InvalidValueError: not an instance of HTMLInputElement

    _.jb @ js:33 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

    As far as what you are doing wrong I cannot tell. Please follow the instructions if you are trying to obtain a Google Map API key


    In the future please provide your Plugin environment as requested in the Posting guidelines.

    You can check the Troubleshooting section  in documentation , or our Youtube channel for assistance.







    Hi there, I went back and made a new api key with no restrictions and I’m still having the same issue. If you click on the markers you see that have the correct address and will pull up on the map correctly if you click them but the first view of all the markers does not put them in the correct place.

    I attached a screenshot of the plugin environment.

    I looked up the error and this is the only solution I’m finding: <span style=”color: #242729; font-family: Arial, ‘Helvetica Neue’, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 15px;”>google maps autocomplete now supports only window.HTMLInputElement (INPUT tag)</span>

    I’m not really sure where to update that in the plugin.  I am using a subdomain eventually it will go just on

    Do I need to be doing something different for this to work on the development side.

    I’m happy to share my credentials so you can take a look.

    Thanks so much for the help here, I’m at a loss of why this is not working correctly especially after spending so much money on it all.

    Thanks again!





    Could it have something to do with our subscription being expired?  When I logon to my account it says I don’t have any subscriptions.



    Do you have a Premier account?   You entered an id into Premier but if you do not have a Premier subscription that should not be entered.  The screenshot of the markers does not really show me anything. I am not familiar with Oklahoma.

    Google Autocomplete is a Premier feature.  I do not see you as having bought Premier subscription.

    Have you written in some special code, CSS, another plugin , or have in your theme somewhere  that is also using google map api with any sort of location geocoding to load?

    Do you have an old legacy add-on that hasn’t cleared or been deleted?  You can use Janitor to find any Legacy add-on settings.

    As far as sharing credentials. we do not log into Dev sites on the forum, that is a paid support function. If you need the developer to troubleshoot and log into your site there is an option for that.

    I noticed the way you have that site set up that you are using categories as areas of the country. Why arent you using the Territories feature in Premier or the Directory Builder feature in Power?

    You should also check out the troubleshooting guides we have on line here   and here.









    Yes if you have an expired subscription then those funtions if they have been added after or updated since you let your subscription laps, they will not work properly.

    You would need to re-purchase the Premier subscription. (Or pay for any back months due). It is only sold now on a yearly (annual) subscription so you dont have to bother with seeing monthly renewals.  See what is  outlined in the Product description.

    “..These added features will NOT go away if your subscription is cancelled but you will not be able to update newer versions if you do not have an active subscription.”……”The Premier add-on includes current and new development to be released over the course of your subscription.   UPGRADING to a new version of  your Premier add-on pack  requires an active subscription.  ”

    So that could be your answer as to why there is an error with the google autocomplete

    I cannot find any subscriptions for you or your  client name so I couldn’t tell you how much the reactivation fee would be . If someone passed it on to you, I have no record of that.

    You would need to find that order number and send it to the Contact us at support to find out how much it would cost for you to reavtivate it. I can only see the Power and Experience and some third party add-ons purchased last fall, nothing previous



    Hi there, thanks for the recommendations.

    We do not have the premier subscriptions so that is fine. I removed that.

    I’m not seeing anything in our theme or code that is calling in a Google Map API.  Although if I don’t turn off SLP Map I get an error that there are multiple instances of the Google API.  Can you lead me the right direction on where to find that?

    Also, can you look at this page:

    You will see all the pins but if you click on one in Mexico you will see that it’s pulling up an address for Nebraska in the United States.  That is the issue I’m having with all these locations.  The pins are not in the correct spot.

    If you click Directions on the bubble the correct directions show up to the correct spot but it seems to be defaulting the start at “united states” screenshot attached.  Not sure where that is being pulled from.

    Thanks again for your help!



    About the directions etc. That is coming from Google, not SLP. If you have location sensor turned on but do not have an https, ssl certified csite, then Google will ignore the request to sense your location.  If you are searching from where you are sitting, then the directions re goign to use your IP address.   See

    As far as Mexico, Google will only geocode best it can depending on the address information you have in SLP.  If you are using the US map domain, since most of your locations appear to be in the US, then Google is going to look for a matching address in US.  There are ways you can work around that.

    Be as specific as possible and use something other then Google to verify the long/lat…if it is way off then edit the Long lat fields in the Manage Locations address, location (long lat)

    You may also want to review:

    As far as Multiple APIS, use the Debugger. I cannot do that on your site, that would take a long time for me to try and look at every single plugin you might have installed on your site.  Check your theme.

    See Troubleshooting page for guidance.







    Hi there, I was able to resolve the issue!  Thanks for your help!

    I do have one question though. Is there a way to bulk edit just the website field?  I need to update several locations with the same url in the website field.





    You can export/import to a csv file if you have the Power add-on. Create a Google or Excel spreadsheet, copy the url under the data field indicated in the instructions and convert , download to a csv file. There is no separate Bulk action to just update the url for locations. If the location already exists you must have a header row (you would export first) with the sl_id.

    How to export

    Import CSV

    Data field header rows



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