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    Maurizio Pro

    Dear all, as I said before in the forum, I’m trying to use the plugin but even if I used a lot of Google API Keys the response is Always the same:

    “Sorry, there was a problem.<br style=”box-sizing: inherit;” />Google Maps was not loaded correctly. For technical details, consult the JavaScript console.”

    It seems really impossible.<br style=”box-sizing: inherit;” />What have I to do to fix the problem?
    link where is the problem :
    only the map is not loaded


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    I looked at your site and you are having similar issues others are mentioning, it means google is very serious now about having a paid account.
    js?libraries=geometry&language=it&region=IT&key=AIzaSyBsiNc3qUPNyRlVX6lPblR6-DmwNP2Jvl8&ver=5.2.11:74 You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud Project at Learn more at

    i was having similar problem when I had to change credit cards, apparently it can take a few hours.

    You need to follow the links in your javascript error thgat I shared above with you.

    See the google FAQ

    If you believe that your account is correct, you have added a correct billing type per the Google payment criteria and your Keys are correct, you need to contact google Support.


    Also Make sure that when you updated your Google Console, or Account and add payment that you are seeing the correct API key that should match what you have in WPSLP. If Google generated a new APi key for you for your project, update it in WPSLP under general Settings Browser key.

    The results do not need to query Google to list, but actually drawing the map does need to go to Google via your account and each time the Map is drawn it counts against your Google monthly limits.
    Hope you are able to resolve with Google and get back on your feet.

    S Brost

    I checked and found that my API had expired the free trial.

    What I am experiencing on our site is not being able to add any new locations.  The ADD LOCATION button has vanished from WP dashboard/Locations tab/form.  Is this due to Google API or is the plugin corrupt?  Please advise.


    Sounds like you have another plugin (or theme) as a conflict…reported plugin that disables our javascript back end is Smush (>). We already run minify on our plugins. Try deactivating one plugin at a time to see which one is the issue.

    When posting in forums please read and follow forum guide and provide the plugin environment etc so that we can be better at answering specific questions
    You can use the Debug in WP as well.

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