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    Hi, I have a Problem at one of my sites using SLP and the Power Add-on. Both with current version of your plugins.

    It seems to be a problem with the Google Browser key. The Problem came up with the latest updates, but maybe it’s a problem with Google maps api. The Page was up and running before.

    The page is: The initial map and the locations are shown okay, but when I enter a Zip Adresse/PLZ (which means ZIP/Town: valid value f.e. 50672), the message <span style=”caret-color: #555555; color: #555555; font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;”>Could not locate this address. Please try a different location. </span>is shown.

    In the Bowser console I see Geocoding Service: You have exceeded your rate-limit for this API.  For more information on usage limits and the Google Maps JavaScript API services please see…

    So I was in google cloud platform, set the Payment Information, etc, created a new Project with Geocoding API and Maps javascript API and set all contingents of both API’s to 500 request/day, 50 per 100 sec and 10 per user/100sec. I did not set any restrictions. The new key was placed in the Google Browser key field. But still I have the same reaction. I created the Project and key twice yesterday…

    I have a similar page with the same settings and it’s running perfect. Same setting in Google Cloud platform.

    It seams like the new key is not used. Do you have any idea, what the problem could be? Thank you, Frank

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    You would need to contact Google Support.  You have set limits, that much is apparent by your screen shots.

    The other problem, Google is messing around with their Geolocation algorithms. Even in their own “proprietary” commercial Google MAPS.  When you search the  google Maps and just put in a number and do not add text such as Zipcode or a state or something more specific , goggle returns the message as you are seeing, could not find address.


    It is unfortunate, in their zealous endeavor to get people to sign up and pay for more and more APIS, such as “Places” they are no longer automatically associating a number as being a zip code. Suggest you add instructions in your search element to add more then just a zip code for best results.

    Premier has a feature called Show Google / Show address guesses that may help. I cannot guarantee  Google wont change their algorithms again. The developer added features (to premier or to MYSLP) to work with google and to try and compensate


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