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    For some reason the ‘Find Locations’ button is no longer displayed. How can I get this back?



    First post your Plugin environment, I cannot assist you without more info.  Make sure you are using latest versions of SLP and the add-ons.  See versions

    If you have older Legacy add-ons , such as Enhanced results or Enhanced Search.  check to see if they are compatible with the version of SLP you are using.  They will not work with SLP version 4.7.6 or above.

    …again please follow the posting guidlines and provide information so I can better assist you.




    Plugin Environment:

    Store Locator Plus:4.7.2
    Enhanced Search Legacy:4.4
    Site URL:
    This Info Cached:1489601109
    Network Active:No
    WordPress Version:4.7.3
    PHP Version:5.4.38
    MySQL Version:5.5.54
    PHP Limit:-1
    WordPress General Limit:40M
    WordPress Admin Limit:256M
    PHP Peak RAM:149 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:256M

    I need to keep ‘Enhanced Search’ so I am not able to update SLP plugin to the latest version



    Enhanced search version does not work with SLP 4.7.2 That is a Legacy add-on. I went to the site on your screenshot and could not see where you have StoreLocator Plus anywhere

    Info about Legacy






    On Jan 31st support said  ‘roll back SLP to 4.7.2 and not update’

    So this is what I did. The Enhanced Search does work except for the ‘find locations’ button is gone.

    I even went back one by one to 4.5 but still the button is not there



    I need your site url, Do you have customized theme?  Or did you change the Plugin style under Experience/view?

    There isn’t anything that would  make the find locations button disappear that I know of.  If you did not customize the search layout you can erase  the rules in that box (back space )  and it will reset, go back to default. If you do have css make sure you save the CSS file on your local directory or in a folder just in case.  Always make sure you have a back up of your site.




Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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