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    Hi – I am brand new to SLP (and not a web developer) and trying to figure out the best way to fully utilize the plugin.

    Client wants:

    A map with online, us, and international locations.

    Ability to search by store name, country, city, etc.

    Ability to sort by Online only, us only, international only.

    Ability to import/export locations.

    Ability to auto detect location for users.


    I have purchased the ProPack and the Tagalong add on – will these two suffice in what the client wants? If not, what other add on do I need?



    1) The Map : Available in Experience Add-on  worldwide or current.  Worldwide is the default search, letting Google make the best guess which address the user wants. Current Map will find the best matching address nearest the current area shown on the map.

    2) In order to search in all the different ways you mention , you need the Experience Add-on  . You can establish  Discrete search functions under the selector , and /or have the Widgets for search by city/state/country.   See the product description in   Experience add-on.   You will also be able to easily change the appearance of the layout, such as Order results by Name or closest farthest, or ranked or featured etc.

    3) When you say he wants the ability to sort Online…are you associating that with a Product and/or are assigning to specific stores, such as “these products (categories) are only available on-line?  online only would be a tag assigned by you using ProPackin that case

    4) Import/export is done via ProPack.

    You need to follow the guidelines for Import.i.e. csv file format and proper data fields.  Here is documentation on that.

    5) Auto detect:  Location sensor  comes with ProPack.

    If you are going to purchase Experience and have already purchased Tagalong and  ProPack, you might be interested in the Premier subscription which includes everything as well as features not available in any of the other Add-ons, it might be useful if the client is going to request or add features as you go along, or if you plan on running Network Active Multisites in the future. It also includes Google address guesses, Location boundaries, additional layouts, cluster map markers, to name a few.

    Your recent purchases would qualify you for a discount with a coupon towards the Premier set up fee.

    Here are some additional documentation links and also tutorials on our SLP YouTube channel that might be a good start and give you some visual aids on how to do some of the items you mentioned.

    You can also check out our  demo site to see the features with Experience and the other add-ons installed.

    Let me know if I have answered all your questions or if you need additional information.




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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