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    Under Locations >> Import >> File Settings, there are several options that I can’t find definitions for. Can you please explain what these are and how they would be used?

    These settings apply to both Upload CSV File and Remote File Retrieval.

    • Skip Geocoding
    • Load Data
    • Clear Messages
    • Duplicates Handling

    Also, since I have scheduled imports configured, should I see anything (a log?) under Import Messages?


    In Documentation clik on the WordPress Self Managed plugin inside and there aretags and key words on right hand side, or you can search in the search box where the magnifying glass is .
    If you search location Imports you should find half a dozen pages to help you
    Example duplicate handling

    Skip geodocing is self explanatory ( I thought) If ALL of your locations have a latitude/longitude check skip geocoding. This way if you export and delete all locations and reimport you will not get hit with the geocoding fees from Google if there is already a lat/long.

    More IMPORT information is found under Performance tips Location importing

    remote file retrieval

    Clear messages: if you have under general tab the “LOG Import messages” turned on, then this will clear those messages
    Scheduled imports you also have a checkbox under the general Setting that needs to be checked off.

    I am sorry some of our links are broken in admin panel that go to our docs site. Something broke after WordPress auto updated, It is on developers to do list

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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