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    Hello there  –  on saturday I changed the domain name of my wordpress site (from to

    The SLP map is no longer working at:
    However, it still is at the old domain (my host set it that for now this old site’s still active as a shadow (really it’s redirecting), but it was my intention to stop this after an interim period…)

    Please can you advise what I need to get it working at

    Many thanks in advance,


    Plugin environment
    <div class=”left_side”>
    <div class=”content_pad”>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Store Locator Plus:</span>4.5.06</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>This Info Cached:</span>1467015653</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>WordPress Version:</span>4.5.3</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Network Active:</span>No</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Site URL:</span></p&gt;
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>MySQL Version:</span>5.6.28</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>PHP Version:</span>5.6.22</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>PHP Limit:</span>256M</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>WordPress General Limit:</span>128M</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>WordPress Admin Limit:</span>256M</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>PHP Peak RAM:</span>97 MB</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>PHP Post Max Size:</span>128M</p>




    Hello there – just a note to say I’ve now fixed the above problem my adding a google API key.

    Many thanks



    Thanks for letting us know Toby, I was just going to refer you to the article I wrote last week.

    Yep, Google has been spewing warnings for about  a year if you ever inspected your console. Your old site is grandfathered in.  Lance had prepared for this event by adding an area in the back end of SLP where you add your API key. Other WP Locator Plugins did not plan for that event and are having their customers change snippets of lines of code.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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