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    unfortunately I couldn’t find any documentation about the location data being divided into two different pools.

    On a site I want to include 2 different searches, using the same SLP plugin since it has all the features I need.

    However, the location data of both searches is plenty and I cannot properly divide it using only tags or categories. Since I cannot have 2 databases to separate the locations, I thought maybe there could be 2 data pools or store pools. Is anything like this possible using SLP?


    Thanks in advance.


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    You cannot have two totally separate data sets , the Location data is all one.

    You can use categories and use the Shortcode on one page “only_with-_category = “xx:”  as shown in the link to the shortcodes I shared. and  then either another short code on another page, or  the category button bar or horiz checkbox..

    I do not understand why you cannot use categories to separate your locations into two differentiating locations using something like the taxonomy  functionality .

    Or you can use the Directory landing page shortcode to work around your issue.


    You might be able to do something like that with two different embed scripts if you had two separate  Professional or Enterprise accounts in MYSLP and then use the two different embeds  (one per page) …but since I am not really sure what it is you need to do due to the privacy factor you mentioned I am not sure how to advise you.  If you need to , please send in the details of what you are trying to do to the support team or contact us and I will try to get the developer to look at your unique circumstances.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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