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    Is is possible to display a web address, if entered in the location details, as well as the generated SEO Page link?

    When trying to add [slp_location url] or [slp_locaiton web_link] to the results section (under the phone/fax) it will only link to the pages url, not the website that has been input as a part of the location details.

    I’m sure I have missed a very basic step.

    Website URL:

    Specific Dealer Page Example URL:

    WordPress Version: 5.8.3

    PHP Version: 7.4

    Store Locator Plus: 5.5.15

    Store Locator Plus – Experience: 5.5.5

    Store Locator Plus – Power: 5.5.8

    Store Locator Plus – Premiere: 5.5.3




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    • This topic was modified 3 months, 2 weeks ago by Cici.


    All of the plugins and add-ons  you are showing are out  of date.

    If you are  still a Premier customer in good standing you should be able to see the base SLP version 5.12.3 under your downloads in your account ditto with any updates ( I would only update on a dev or clone or staging site though since you are so far behind)

    As fares the SEO Pages question let me try to get a picture in my mind since  I am not following   how you currently have the SEO Page Template and the results  layout set up .

    I see on that URL  you have changed the normal website hyperlink  title label to “dealer details”.  So you want to use both  a  Website link that does not redirect and the  SEO Pages?   Currently the dealer details redirects correct?

    See if these docs help


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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