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    This relates to the Dependent Dropdowns thread on the Premier support but our posts are not showing:
    Store Locator Plus – Janitor – 4.9
    Store Locator Plus® – 5.3.2
    Store Locator Plus® – Experience – 5.3.2
    Store Locator Plus® – Power – 5.3.2
    Store Locator Plus® – Premier – 5.3
    I don’t think any of your above suggestions help us unfortunately.

    What we want to do is as follows:

    • User manually enters the postcode of their doctor’s surgery.
    • User selects a service from a drop-down list.We are adding services as categories.
    • Results returned.
      This currently works, however, we need the postcode that is entered in step 1 to be part of the filter in terms of an additional hidden category or tag.

      Not all services will be available to all doctor’s surgeries.

      The distance from the surgery is not really relevant.

      We therefore need an additional hidden category or a hidden tab that takes on the value of the postcode entered and is combined with the category to return the desired results.


    • User enters postcode RG30 4ET
    • User selects service Minor Eye ConditionsIf we have two locations with the following data

      Store One, *Minor Eye Conditions, **RG30 4ET
      Store Two, *Minor Eye Conditions, **RG30 2RF

      * Indicates visible category
      ** Indicates hidden category or tag

      From the above, the map would only display the first result.

      Hopefully that all makes sense.

      Thanks for your time and help.
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    Hi Emma,

    I have no idea why your topic was filtered as spam, I think it was pasted with the versions and it was garbled.

    Anyway,  there is no way to have a “hidden category” that is generated from someone entering a postal code.  You can use the featured or ranking results if you want some locations, doctors to have preference over others.  You can use  button bar for  category selectors but I do not follow how you are describing the desired results other than featuring and not featuring.   For example if a doctor is in one category and one zip code, and the other is not in that category,m the one not in the category will not appear. If you have the postal code in your location and  it has the category that is  selected associated with it then it will show as a result.  Is this a Service Enterprise where you promote some Doctors over others depending on a plan for marketing services?   (Something like this Directory featured SEO Page templates) Other than that I am not sure I follow having post codes as categories

    I am not sure if our developer could customize something for you. But you would need to send to contact and  any customization projects are  done via retainer,

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