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    Hi Support

    I need to create a form (Gravity forms) for visitors to submit their locations so that Admin can add them to the website.

    I see the plugin ‘DEBAAT GRAVITY FORMS LOCATIONS’ hasn’t been updated for over 8 months.

    Would you recommend I install and use this on my site running latest SLP/WP versions?




    Hi, I activated Gravity Forms Location and Integration with latest versions of WP,SLP, and Gravity Forms (You must have Gravity Forms in order for the Gravity Forms add-ons to work) and did not see any adverse effects. They didn’t crash the test site and they activated ok.¬† I do not use those add-ons so I cant speak to details, just they didn’t have an adverse effect.

    Of course, the usual warning pertains, make sure you have compete back up of your site before updating 

    If you have any specific questions about them you would need to post on his Third Party forum.  and follow up with an email if need be. I thought he was going to update all of his add-ons soon but I am not in direct communication with him at the moment so do not know his timeline.



    Thanks Cici.

    I’m really grateful for all of your help recently.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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