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    I am wondering how this plugin works with the Divi Theme? Have you had anyone work with this theme before?

    I am looking to have a locator that looks a lot like this I also need the following.

    • I do not want a map
    • I want location hierarchy so that preferred stores show up before standard stores in the locator.
    • I want an image on the result that shows their status (silver, gold, platinum)
    • I need a search widget to place on other pages of the site for zip code plugin.
    • I would like all the buttons, fonts and styling to match the divi theme style also seen in the above url.

    Do you think this is possible with this plug in?


    Thanks so much!



    1) The SLP Developer has created customization products  for quite a few customers using the DIVI theme,

    Please look at the Plugin style list which you can find under the SLP base Plugin /experience/view


    2) Hide the Map, available with the Experience Add-on

    3) Customizing and changing layouts for results, search, and or the map isalso  done with the Experience add-on

    4) Hierarchy of categories can be done with the Categorization functionality in the Power add-on

    5) ranking categories is also done with Power add-on

    6) CSS styling is done with the Experience add-on


    A better value to include these features and to access additional array of plugin styling options, the Premier subscription is your best bet

    If you need a customized site or a WordPress specialist to assist you please send an email to Paid customization or refer to our Cybersprocket division.

    See What to Buy on main site and /or additional  info under FAQ in documentation






Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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