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    After the recent WP update on 9-19 the category icons that were previously set in the Store Locator Plus plugin were reset to original/Default from the custom icons. Myself and a WPlive advisor went through several of the settings but could not figure out a way to get them reset. If you view Master Map via the home page menu, you can see that the categories are Artist, Events, Jobs, Models, Studios, Suppliers, and Training. Those are the separate custom icons that should be applied to the maps. The use of these custom icons is a key component to my business template and inability to use them puts me at a significant disadvantage.

    Please help – Thanks!



    Because of the WP 4.8.2 auto update, the developer of SLP had to patch the code.

    Please update SLP and Power to 4.8.6. SSLP never auto-updates for these reasons. See the authors news article about this unfortunate WP update.

    P.S. When posting in forums, please follow the forum guidelines and provide versions etc. A screenshot of the INFO/Plugin environment under SLP works best and provides the information the developer needs if he has to debug. Also provide your page that has the site url locator on it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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