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    Clare Hindle

    Hi – I have posted previously, but my post seems to have been removed from the forum – not sure why?

    Environment info is attached for reference.

    I am trying to create a custom list of location pages – I am using the shortcode outline in the attached file, and based on the ‘Custom Templates’ example on this page:

    There are a few problems:

    • This code is adding in some extraneous tags in a strange way – see screen grab attached for detail.
    • The ‘href’ value of the SLP Store page is not being populated
    • The ‘src’ value of the image is not correct. I need to use the standard WordPress ‘Featured image’ for this.

    So, just to confirm – All I need for each item in the list is: the title, the Featured image, and the link to the page.

    Would you be able to advise on the correct syntax please?

    Many thanks

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    Your post did not disappear the last post was in Premier support not this forum.
    Just note you are not using the latest Versions. Also if you have the Premier version then you should also have the Experience add-on available for download. Also the reference does not show you as g=having Premier activated and the slp_pages is only with premier



    Attribute, Image
    Use the image type to use the store field as the source of an image. Needs to be a fully qualified URL.

    [storepage field=image type=image] will output the image URL as a displayed image on the page.   You do not need single apostrophe around the word image

    I do not have WP developer skills and without seeing an example of what you are trying to do on your staging or dev site I cannot determine what you are trying to display.




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