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    Krista Ducey


    I would like differentiate two types of locations / stores – Preferred Locations and Regular Locations – so each location is either preferred or not – depending on how much product they carry. Is there a way to put a symbol or logo or something to differentiate the types of locations / store?


    Thank you in advancne


    You can rank and / or use the Featured function  with the Experience Add-on.

    If you are not looking to “rank” or have a “preferred feature” and  just want to differentiate the locations or have products in categories that is done via Categorization  with the Power Add-on.

    For more ideas and info

    What to buy

    To get the best of both worlds (if you need both add-ons and more),  I recommend the premier Subscription where all of the features, add-ons and exclusive membership benefits are included.  It is by far the bigger bang for the buck.  If it doesn’t exist  or if you require a customization and it can be done, that is also an exclusive benefit for Premier members.





Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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