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    I am trying to add tagalongs to existing locations and I am getting this error:

    Store Locator Plus needs attention:
    Could not update the custom page for this location.

    I have a static home page with the slplus shortcode on that page.

    It appears that this may be restricted to locations which were published before the tagalongs were created, but I can not be certain that is the case all the time.

    Store Locator Plus:4.6.3
    Gravity Forms Locations:4.6.00
    Pro Pack:4.5.07

    Site URL:

    WordPress Version:4.6.1
    PHP Version:5.5.30
    MySQL Version:5.6.33

    Gravity Forms: 2.0.7




    Haven’t heard of this issue.  What is customized?  What has changed? Did you just update a version of one of your plugins? If you go through and deactivate each plugin . For instance try shutting off Gravity Forms locations and the gravity forms add-on, first   (see how to debug under troubleshooting)


    Last guess:

    Are you using the iframe method to embed a static map? Using an iframe requires that you sign up for an API key via Google Developer Console.  You must turn on the Google Maps Embed API and then fetch your credentials so you can paste your API key into the URL string for the iframe source.





    Sorry, I have tried my best to figure out where to add a new post and to find an answer to by question/problem.

    I have been working with this plugin since last February and it has been fine.  With the latest release though, AND the addition of the “Location Details” right side bar, I cannot scroll down to click “Submit” to add or edit my locations.  I want to make the “Location Details” go away but I cannot find out how in your documentation or anywhere.

    Thank you very much for any assistance provided.





    The developer is planning on having a “close” x location details on the side bar in the next release.

    You should have a scroll bar on right before the location details and on the bottom to help you scroll down and to the right.

    I’m not sure if that is all you are looking for, that wasn’t how the original post read, it started out asking about tagalong and the needs attention message.

    Are you saying you cannot edit locations or you cannot add categories to new locations?  What exactly is the issue you are reporting?

    Please provide a screenshot of your plugin environment so I am better able to assist you.



    I am not using iframe for the map generation, I am using the short code.  My best guess is that I had to manually move the location details from one database to another and it was prior to me having activated the tagalong plugin.  That seems to be the case as new locations seem to be saving ok now. Its just the existing ones that have the problems.



    Sorry, are you not able to add any categories to the existing locations or is it just the check boxes are no longer checked?

    If the first scenario: Can you export the existing ones , add the categories that are missing and re-import (especially if you have a lot of them)?

    If check boxes are just not checked, afraid you will have to reset those.=

    There was a bug with the check boxes on categories under existing locations not saving and  that was fixed with the 4.6.1 update, but it wasnt necessarily retroactive especially if you moved database.  There was a bug  somewhere around 4.5.07 of SLP, I believe. (not sure of the actual version)





    The developer is actually working with a Premier customer who has paid for support because of a similar issue. I.e. Migrating database and missing options tables. The author has notes on the project which we will post

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