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    I bought the Experience add on because I need to modify the result layout. But there is a difficulty I cannot change:

    In Germany the format of the address is:

    <street>, <ZIP> <city>

    The shortcode [slp_location city_state_zip] of SLP includes this information in the format

    <city> <state> <zip>

    How can I change this to my needs?



    There is a difference between shortcodes and Layout. You can change the order under the Settings/Search /Appearance/




    I misunderstood, you want to change the results layout, same applies under results. Location fields are rendered via the [slp_location <field>] shortcode.

    So you would just go into the results layout box, grab the field you want to move, so in your case you would remove the span class and put in the order you want them to appear

    slp_result_street”>[slp_location address]</span>
    <span class=”slp_result_address slp_result_street2″>[slp_location address2]</span>
    <span class=”slp_result_address slp_result_citystatezip”>[slp_location city_state_zip]

    You can also change and override using CSS guidelines


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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