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    We gonna have child-parent relationships or subcategories because of the data structure.
    I would like to test with a small dataset so we see if it works out best with cascading dropdowns or with checkboxes.
    So far I have set up the taxonomies, but cascading dropdowns doesnt show anything while checkboxes show the additional subcategories.

    Please advise how to fix this. If both options work, we gonna leave it up to the customer.

    BR Jay


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    For cascading it is either or, it isnt cascading and parent child.. if you want to show the dropdown with subcategories you must select either single parent or if you want cascading just select single.

    there are different ways to apply the category selector,
    Cascading, drop down

    radio buttons’ which are not for parent child

    ‘Horiz/vertical Check boxes

    To show the children and whole subset make sure under the search panel, you have selected ” single dropdown” or single parent”

    I changed my settings and checked both of those and saw all my parent child categories and the search worked

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    Not sure if the answer was clear…select single dropdown…that will show all the parent categories and then when you click on any of those (parent category), if it has a subcategory/child, it will show all of those as well.

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    Thanks Cici.

    Now I understand better what single parent means.

    I guess we might need at least two if not three dropdowns and the second/thirds dropdown options are dependent on the other selections.
    I was assuming this is the cascading option?
    If yes how we need to configure this? Atm we just have one dropdown independent to what I select as the category selector.

    Thanks, BR Jay



    I am not sure I understand what you mean by a third dropdown. Do you mean a third level tier, a child under a child?
    I do not think that is possible. I am guessing you may want something like an AMAZOn search category where you can drill down into additional subsets .

    For the category taxonomy it is dictated by WordPress. In other words, we did not re-invent the wheel.

    If I am misinterpreting I apologize. I do not know how you would have a third level in cascading.


    Hi Cici

    No worries, let me visualize for you:

    As you can see we gonna have three different attributes we need to use for filtering. Atm we would like to have those dropdowns linked so option1 will influence what is shown in option2 and this selection again will influence whats selectable in the option3 dropdown.

    Br, Jay


    The developer is looking into it to see if there is a way to do it your preferred method.


    Hi Cici

    Quick question: do you have an update for me?

    Thanks, Br


    He has been migrating servers so probably forgot about it.
    I know he has not been changing any coding to add a new category selector. HE WOULD PROBABLY NEED TO DO THAT.

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