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    Version: SLP 5.0.4, also running Experience, Power & Premier.

    We’re encountering a problem whereby customers enter a city/state or zip code but do not select a category, then just hit enter. When they do this, they (of course) do not receive pinpointed results. Is there any way I can put a “block” on their search that prevents them from seeing any results unless they chose a category? Meaning….they’re forced to choose a category in order to continue their search?




    Under Search settings the “allow and selector behavior is either off or on:

    In other words either Allow both address search and selector category or tag)  or “disable address when using selector. “, which is great if you have location sensor on and only want to show people specific locations and categories near them.

    You  added instructions to the search form to indicate they must use both I see you have done, but there is a limit to making people follow directions. It is better to give them too many options, What I did notice though is your locations , if no category is checked, do not indicate what type of provider they are. You can differentiate by using different category icons/markers, and add t the icon/marker to the  category legend.  At least this way, if someone searches without using a category (maybe they want to see all)  they can tell that CS auto is a  trailer dealer or docks or cargo  (or whatever they are, I cant tell the way you have the markers at this time)

    Here is info on setting icons or markers depending on type of location, there is a tutorial video as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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