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    I’ve inherited a site using store locator plus, and I just upgraded the base plugin to the latest version (4.7.4). The WordPress version is 4.7.2.

    After upgrading the base plugin, I realized that the site also relies on Pro Pack. Having done some research, I now realize that Pro Pack will not be supported moving forward, but it does seem that the latest version of Pro Pack DOES work with 4.7.4, but that I should just not upgrade the base plugin anymore, since I would risk breaking it at some point.

    All fine and good, but I have now uploaded the latest pro pack (4.6.5), and that Pro Pack refuses to activate from the Plugin menu. No error messages, it just reports that the plugin has been activated, but it hasn’t. Moreover, the base plugin refuses to DEACTIVATE.

    I’m at a bit of an impass. Any suggestions?




    Managed to solve my own problem. I found a couple of other unused plugins that I was unable to deactivate, so I tried deactivating them all via a bulk action. That did the trick, and then I was able to activate the Pro Pack. No idea why this fixed the problem, but that’s beside the point ;-).

    Thanks, sorry for the premature post.



    We posted about the ProPack needing to be updated manually from your account back in July  and also  in answers in forums and also in the Docs site.  Please make sure you always back up your site before upgrading things, and check the release details of each version iteration, that should help avoid any future problems.  When posting please be sure to provide the posting guidelines info


    Thanks for letting us know you figured it out


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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