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    Hi – our front end works fine, but we can’t click on anything in the SLP backend. Tried on Safari and Firefox. Any ideas?

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    indicates there is a conflict with another plugin. Some SLP users reported a conflict with the Plugin Smush it. (SLP is already minified.)

    You need to turn off other plugins one by one  to see which one is causing a conflict.  If that does not fix it, see using WP debugger


    In the future please read posting guidelines and provide you SLP plugin environment (versions etc)





    I had the same problem and disabling Smush is the short term solution.






    It is the  best solution, SLp already has the minify functionlaity  and the Smush plugin needs to follow best practices when developing plugins, no plugin should break the functionality of another plugin. Especially one that has been updated and been around for years.

    If you look at their support forums you will see lots of issues especially with the WP version 5.0 update




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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