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    We have a problem when entering a Canadian (Surrey, British Columbia) postal code: V3Z 2J4

    It redirects (Geocodes) to the Czech Republic.
    Please see attached screen shot example.

    We are using the following:
    WordPress version 4.9.4
    Store Locator Plus version 4.9
    Store Locator Plus Power version 4.9

    Please advise if you require any further information.

    Thank you.



    Screen shot attachment

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    The results come from Google MAPS API. If your site is HTTPS you can use the Location sensor and obtain better results.
    Google has become very restrictive about the security. See the info about location sensor here.

    Also, without seeing your url, I do not know how your search form looks. See Documentation for how to set up your search form for best results. Auto complete based on your location data might help

    but the simplest way to resolve is to ask your site visitor (provide instructions in the Search form label) to provide city and zip or address and zip, etc. In other words the more defined the information, just like your browser searches, the better the chance they will get results.

    Without your site url I cannot see if you have error messages…you can use Browser tools to inspect your console and see if google is returning any warnings or errors.



    Based on your user profile, are you representing sdmhh? If so, you do know they have Premier subscription which means you have access to Experience add-on and should be posting in Premier forums??

    ? Or are you working on a different site?



    When I went to one of your site and searched Surrey,

    According to your location data returns results for Surrey British Columbia had these two addresses and postal codes:

    15157 56 Avenue, Unit 100
    Surrey, BC V3S 9A5

    7322 King George Blvd, Unit 100
    Surrey, BC V3W 5A5

    your addresses entered to see if they are correct.

    Wehn I searched same site using the postal code you provided, it said no results and did not show me Czech…again I do not know if i am looking at the correct site or if you are testing on a new site so thats the best i can do with assistance.



    Hi Cici.

    Thank you for your quick response.

    I’ve informed our users to simply include the city (or Province) with the postal code, and the search returns successful results.

    I believe the postal code: V3Z 2J4, is a one-off problem. So far that is the one and only postal code returning unexpected results.

    I am not representing sdmhh. I work for sdmshn.

    Again, thank you for your assistance.






    that was a typo on my part. The orders are under Shoppers Drug Mart Specialty Health Network
    i.e. SDM SHN

    They have a premier subscription. Thus they have the Experience add-on available as well as the ability to post in Premier forums. You may want to double check with them.



    P.S. You were cc’ed on the emails from Julius to support. Check out all the features available to you as well, best place to look is in the documentation using key word or category under Premier.
    For example this feature is available to premier users and may be of use to you.

    Show address guess

    If you are the technical point of contact that is awesome, you have the Premier forums, and if requested access to the Slack channel if you run into any difficulties and need to chat with the SLP developer.

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