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    I get an error when I try and delete single locations

    “Error Could not communicate with server”

    However the plugin allows me to bulk delete locations.




    Thank you for letting us know. I tested and saw same flashing red message, but when I checked, the location I deleted was gone. I tested by using the trash barrel, was that the same you experienced?  Also could you provide your SLP  plugin environment, a screenshot from the SLP/INFO/Plugin environment is sufficient


    Same problem here…but it is only the Trash Icon button. There is something wrong with the AJAX.

    When you use the the dropdown field for the bulk delete it works. So there is a workaround.


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    @ Christian

    Correct. The trash barrel flashes a red error message. The bulk delete works unless you have 999 locations or more on a page.

    The developer has the trash barrel icon issue on his punch list.  SLP 4.9.2 is in testing.  Anyone who has a developer or staging site is invited to assist testing the beat versions. It would be very much appreciated.

    Lance Cleveland

    Found the error.  It will be fixed in 4.9.2 which should be entering testing and out this week/weekend assuming all goes to plan.


    @ Christian,

    Please start a new thread, you have added a brand new set of topics to this post , i.e importing, and a page worth of strings in html that is not  easily read and it is not showing the info that we need to assist you . We need your plugin environment and site url.  The issue reported by the originator of the post will be in next release as identified by Lance.

    1)  Please provide your PLUGIN environment, a screenshot of the PLUGIN ENVIRONMENT is best. , read posting guidelines to see what info is needed.

    2) have you updated SLP to 4.9.1, that should solve the language issue.

    3) Please do not post multiple issues in your post

    4) Please do not add to someone else’s post as you may not have same plugin environment or configuration or servers or PHP versions etc.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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