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    Tried uploading the csv file bulk upload option, (attached an example of what the csv file looks like)

    But once the import is complete, the google lat long is in place of the store name, the address isn’t listed in the address field, nor is the website address listed in the website field.

    The store locator only shows city, state, zip and phone number, only. (attached example of what the store locator looks like).

    I then renamed the 1st row exactly how the columns are named in the location manager, and re-uploaded, as well as tried to import skipping first line, and/or skip geocoding, and the store names are still not loading correctly, nor the website address, some have no address, while others have the name added in with the address, and the name states “Inactive Geocode to activate”

    We need this resolved as soon as possible. Please advise.



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    Tried uploading again, now the names are loading in address, address is loading in address 2, city is loading in state, state in zip, and zip in phone number and the phone number and website addresses are not loading at all.



    When posting questions you must provide your Plugin Environment and site url. See posting Guidelines

    I cant tell anything by screenshots of your csv file. My guess is that your csv file is not correctly formatted per the Import instructions..

    see CSV file formatting and field names

    or you can search the forums for other suggestions if you do not want to share your information you might be able to find some answers that way



    Thanks for the formatting clarification.  Will do that and hope that resolves the issue.  Will follow posting guidelines from now on as well. Thanks again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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