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    Hi Cici,

    as the issue arises anew, I meant to post into this old ticket about the same JS issue, somehow replying didn’t quite work so I’m opening a new topic instead.
    Old topic for reference:

    A recent screenshot of the console error is attached, the NOAPI key warning from Google is resolved, for instance.

    For locations, we can’t select any markers and suspect this might also be connected to the initial JS error.

    So far I’ve deactivated all plugins up to the point where only the basic SLP plugin was active (Experience and Power were deactivated as well). The JS error persisted, so it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the other plugins on the site.

    SLP environment:
    Store Locator Plus®:5.5.14

    This Info Cached:1605808831
    Network Active:No
    WordPress Version:5.5.3
    PHP Version:7.3.24
    MySQL Version:5.7.32

    PHP Limit:512M
    WordPress General Limit:40M
    WordPress Admin Limit:512M
    PHP Peak RAM:4 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:120M

    Is there any way to attach information privately? I’d like to provide you with a link of the page and a login, but as we’re just acting as an agency for our clients, I don’t feel comfortable posting the URLs etc publicly.

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    Yes, send an email with all the info to Support using the Contact Us form  and I will see it.

    So you said you resolved the Multiple Google APIS?

    If you are referring to Editing individual map markers, that is a reported issue and  is  in the developers fix it to do list.

    Once I see the email to support  I will check to see if it is the same issue. I do not need log-in info . we do not log-in on admin for customers site, that would be a paid support troubleshooting item (like you we do not want to fool around with peoples sites in the admin site)


    Just show me some screenshots from your back end I can determine if we are talking about the same thing.



    Hi Cici,

    I’ve submitted the form with the information.

    The multiple API issue isn’t resolved, no. I was referring to the old topic for that one, sorry for the confusion. It might be what’s crashing the JS in the first place but it seems to be coming from the SLP plugin itself as we haven’t made any changes and already deactivated all other plugins.

    I’ve included a screenshot of the Location settings page where the console errors occur with and without the console.

    Thanks for the info on the individual map markers!

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    To find out where or what plugin or if it is your theme, you would need to look into each one to see if they are also using a Google API.  Do you have a clone of that site that you can test on?  I wouldn’t test on the production site.

    If you have deactivated all , suggest clearing the cache in WP .

    And second my guess would be it is the theme.

    There is no where for you to enter multiple Google APIS with our plug-in.

    If you clone or use a staging site you could try a fresh install to see if it is resolved.






    An answer was sent via email in support. Since there is nothing propietary in the response I would like to add the reply from the developer so anyone else reading this topic will see the answer.

    1) WordPress debug log files (debug.log) and the WP_DEBUG/WP_DEBUG_LOG settings only capture PHP errors.


    2) JavaScript errors are coming from code running in a user’s browser. These are not captured in WordPress debug logs.


    3) The JavaScript errors are not coming from SLP provided files. It can be from other plugins with broken JavaScript code or from a JavaScript combiner/reducer plugin that tries to optimize the JavaScript files. Many of these plugins do a poor job and break a lot of things along the way (SquishIt, Compressor, etc. are examples we’ve come across in the past).


    4) We can login and look with paid support, if it turns out to be a SLP caused problem we will refund the support fee and provide a patch. If it is traced to a non-SLP program we will only provide info on what we found. To do this a staging server is required, we will not work on a live site.

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