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    What’s the correct usage (include querystring example) for this? Documentation doesn’t say.



    See the page under shortcodes here in documentation:


    As a side note:

    Please note, the developer has created a new SLACK channel where the progress on updates to any  SLP add-ons are visible to  premier customers . This is a separate forum where you can cite issues and communicate with the developer or Premier support team. This is an excellent mechanism to see what is being worked on, to discuss issues and suggest resolution to, to report or see progress of  fixes, to share  ideas with the developer and his team.

    Please contact us for an invite if you do not already belong to #talk-about-slp on the Charleston Software Associates Slack channel



    If you look at the back end under your SLP General/user interface tab and hover over the check box the full explanation is on the side.

    “If checked an address can be pre-loaded via a URL string ?address=my+town. This will disable the location sensor whenever the address is used in the URL”

    See attached screenshot of where to find the info

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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