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    So I have installed your updates and just spent the last two hours restoring all of my custom settings. Is it normal for you to overwrite all settings upon updates? If so can you instead have an option that doesn’t do that but offers a button that says restore default settings.

    Also I noticed it looks like the html <br> is being removed from the hours within the results. can this be changed so it doesn’t do that? it also looks like there is some new styling using white-space pre.

    I also noticed that the map container id went from #slp_loader_div to #map. Is there a list of changes I can look back on in the future. A lot of these changes are breaking a ton of our customization’s.

    Just trying to figure out how best to not have this happen in the future.



    What version did you update from to? And what Add-ons do you have activated? None of the recent updates changed CSS or styling views or custom settings. Before updating I read the View details under the Plugin before updating and I make sure I have a recent back-up. Any CSS should be saved in your local directory.

    The announcements in NEWS  usually tells you what has changed and  why and provides other important information, such as the changes to the google API as of June 11 2018…

    You can always access  by viewing under “Details” under the plugin  in your WP Plugin ADMIN panel;  I would always look at this before updating . Under “view details ” you will see the changelog for each version of the core SLP . Since I do not know which versions you updated from and to or what your plugin environment is I can assist by providing this snapshot of the core SLP changelog.
    Here it is for you:
    IMPROVED When Google cannot locate an address the user enters in the search, clear map markers and not a “cannot locate address” message in results.
    IMPROVED Added ability to load locations from other WordPress Store Locator Plus installations.
    CHANGED Third-party Event Location Manager, Social Media Extender and User Managed Locations add-ons are no longer supported.
    IMPROVED prepare for connections to Store Locator Plus managed services (MySLP).
    FIXED add on duplicate output by addressing internal object instantiation issue (singleton v. multi-object models).
    CHANGED dropped support for Google OEM licenses. Only Google Maps API with pay-as-you-go billing is supported.
    UPDATED privacy policy information
    IMPROVED new Vue-based add/edit locations form.
    FIXED changing the country when editing a location now triggers geocoding.
    FIXED setting either latitude or longitude to blank when editing a country now triggers geocoding.
    CHANGED Experience Add On must be updated to version 4.9.14
    CHANGED Power Add On must be updated to version 4.9.14
    CHANGED Dropped support for the slp_edit_location_right_column filter, may affect older unsupported add ons.
    NOTE Power must be upgraded to 4.9.14
    PATCHED loss of settings when upgrading from prior version to 4.9.11

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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