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    I just installed the plugin and add the google api. I’m getting results but not when i use the address option. Website

    I did change the name from the field to City. Search on the city name works.

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    We have been investigating these type of reports that started springing up recently, and not as a result of anything changed in SLP.  the issue is a Google Maps JavaScript API problem.  WPSLP  passes  address-specific lookups directly to Google via their JavaScript API.Google clearly has changed something recently that has made that service far less reliable.   Google has changed (broken) their address lookup service that nearly every map services provider uses — including Store Locator Plus and MySLP  . Thankfully we can address that issue  with the SaaS MySLP alternative with a short-term “fill in the blanks” solution and are working on a better alternative to Google Maps as part of our long term strategy to make the MySLP service better for our customers.

    Unfortunately we cannot solve this issue in the WordPress SLP self managed do it yourself plugin since the site owners obtain the Maps Javascirot API key directly from Google who charges you.

    Since Google now charges every single customer and every single site that uses their Maps JAVASCRIPT API and geocoding API   our educated guess is this change has been part of their plan all along. In g=fact we found some articles about this posted by a marketing company that Google had a july 2018 summit where they discussed this marketing via Maps and GPS campaign.   Google changed their terms and conditions and require a credit card and accoiunt  for  every single site using their MAPS . No more grandfathered in.  You would think they would improve the searches with so many customers now paying them every month. We believe they are now introducing blatant non look up of address specific locations  to boost their  paid advertising campaign.  Either that or they added a bug by changing towards that end.

    Either way, as a customer of google API you have every right to complain  or ask their support when an address lookup doesn’t work.  Look up by city or name and also by zip code seems to still work fine,.



    Please provide your versions and plugin environment, there is an update to SLP that may help you but I cannot tell on your site because of the way you have it set up now


    let us know

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    WP 5.0.3

    Store locator plus 5.0.3

    Only 1 address added at the moment: 4141 CA



    Using the browser inspect tools, there is an error  that is topping the load  here.


    I do not know if that is your issue  but anything that breaks Javascript execution can break the SLP search. when I watch the performance load (using Chrome browser tools , the map is loading, The map is going to the correct area  and it is going to whatever I type into the search box.  I cannot replicate your issue on my test site.


    See the Troubleshooting  guide in documentation,  Also try testing with a plain WordPress theme to see if there is an issue with your theme.




    P.S. Also set the domain name to the country.


    note that only aids Google it does not restrict the search

    If you have the Experience add-on you can also use the append shortcode  which will add (in the background) the Country region (CR) so results and search will be for the country designated. Experience will also allow you to have a discrete search.




    Hi marketing28, I have the same issue – can you advise if/how you got this working again?





    Version 5.0.4 beta pre release is being tested to fix the domain issue of always pointing to the US. We can send the beta pre release if you have a dev site or testing or staging site to try it on. Please write to us so we can send the Pre release to you.


    Premier subscribers always have the beta versions available. We do not mind providing the  pre releases but just want to make sure you know they arent fully tested and thus encourage people who have a staging site back up (JetPack provides the ability to have a staginmg site btw)

    send email to Contact us and request SLP version 5.0.4. beta pre release




    It looks like you have a subdirectory, I see this when it is trying to geocode.


    So you have two issues, 1) Subdirectory , read Lances article about the REST API and the issue with having WP installed in subdirecrtory

    2) The region is pointing to US…That bug is fixed in WPSLP version 5.0.4

    * the news about the subdirectory issue ,  if you are tech savvy there is a “read more ” in the developers personal bio that provides instructions

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