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    I have added a some new locations to the store locator however it will not show up on the map on my website when I search the postcode. Please advise.

    I am currently using Store Locator Plus:4.9.4
    My site is




    I looked at your site . Under console there are fatal errors..Did you recently move over to a new site or try to copy your database tables? You have some major issues with however you set this up Under your WP content Plugins there is a file folder A file folder named


    Not sure where that came from.

    Also there are errors (Inspect console using any browser tools Something is using old jquery vesion.

    jQuery 1.7.0+ required, undefined used instead. FAIL.

    Additionally, there are many themes and poorly constructed plug-ins that use old JavaScript or jquery ui that can cause Store Locator Plus to not work. SLP is updated frequently to ensure it works with the latest WP versions.
    See troubleshooting guide to debug your site



    P.S. Of note SLP core plugin is version 4.9.10. Also of note someone ( a developer perhaps or your web designer??) has added a csl filter with incorrect CODING THAT IS CAUSING FAILURE. Or the original customer had an add-on or a premier subscription that they let expire. I cannot tell with the info you provided.

    Also it appears they did not copy your files over correctly and now SLP cannot initialize.
    Is your theme using jquery version 1.12? WordPress requires it.

    Before you fool around with your site you should be testing on a staging or dev site, use jetPack or some back up service before updating etc.

    All themes and plugins should uses the WP bundled version of jQuery by enqueuing it when loading scripts, as per WP guidelines.

    After your site has been fixed and if you still have issues with the way Google is finding Australia postal codes ( as they often do have issues with their MAP APIS offered to sites and developers as opposed to their ” Google proprietary data ,domain and map handlers” Some people have found that the experience add-on is useful by having drop downs of locations, or Append Australia etc. There is more info in documentation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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