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    So I just downloaded Store Locator Plus and got the API code sorted. I’m now trying to add a location but it won’t work properly. It allows me to add it but it comes up with an error. It then says ‘inactive. Geocode to activate’ next to the name of the location. The error is:

    <b>400.</b> <ins>That’s an error.</ins>

    Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. <ins>That’s all we know.</ins>


    I heard that clearing the cache can help this but it didn’t work. I also tried to add the location on another browser. No luck. I used Firefox and Safari. Can anyone help?




    Also sorry if this is a really silly question I’m just starting out: I didn’t buy store locator plus. I just installed it for free as a plugin – should I have actually bought it?



    I am also experience the same problem.  It started a few days ago. Not sure exactly when.  This is a mature installation (over two years).  Also just updated to the current version today and that didn’t solve the problem.  I generated a new Google API and plugged that in as well, to no avail.

    The error occurs when trying to Geocode a new location.  While the new location record is actually created, no geocoding occurs.

    Store Locator Plus wants you to know:

    Read this if you are having geocoding issues.

    Address #0 : 5858 East Molloy Road Mattydale NY 13211 USA failed to geocode.

    Received status ERROR.

    Received data

    stdClass Object


    [status] => ERROR

    [message] =>

    400. That’s an error.

    Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request.  That’s all we know.



    Store Locator Plus wants you to know:

    Mary’s Hair Salon added successfully.







    I just added your address above exactly as shown

    this is the message I got

    Store Locator Plus wants you to know:
    Google thinks 5858 East Molloy Road Mattydale NY 13211 is at lat: 43.0978815 long -76.1137606
    Mary Hair salon added successfully.

    Please provide your plugin environment, I cant help you without seeing your versions.
    Also, If your site existed before June 22 2016 you do NOT need a Google API, that is only required for new sites.

    Were you importing?

    Did you have Bulk actions any special update instructions, again I need your plugin Environment and please start a new thread unlkess you have the exact same configuration as the person you glommed on it doesnt help us assist you or answer Elliot.



    @ Elliot

    I cannot tell what the issue is with your locations not geocoding. Make sure your Address is properly formatted, if you give me an example I will see if it happens in my test site.
    Also we request that forum posters read the posting guideline and provide us with the details about their SLP Plugin Environment.

    Adding Locations


    If you post the info requested and Plugin environment I might be able to help.




    Many thanks for the response.

    Firstly, this is the URL for my locations page:

    Secondly, please find attached my plugin environment, two examples of location entries, and the error messages for those two location entries.








    Hi Elliot

    I added this to my location on my site

    Store Locator Plus wants you to know:
    Google thinks 171 Brighton RD Coulsdon CR52NH UK is at lat: 51.3197566 long -0.1388583
    Art rebellion cafe added successfully.

    I clicked on the lat longtitude (it is a clickable link on the message) and it looks correct. The location shown when I open it in Goggle Maps is near the Coulsdon library, note I did not add a Space in the “zip code”

    I have the US map domain for my site and it still geocoded it correctly.

    Not sure whats going on with your set up
    Did you need to get a Google API Map browser key, was this a new domain?
    Did you add it to the correct spot (not the Google BIZ license)under General/User Interface/Google developers console, Google Browser key?



    Elliot, PS You are getting this error message, you can checkl these using the developers tools on any browser, I just clicked on your link and right clicked on  INSPECT element and under “Console” this is the warning ::::….Google Maps API warning: InvalidKey


    Delete what you have entered in SLP for your google key and follow the documentation info and Tutorial video
    for help with how to get the API MAP key




    I changed the API key and omg it’s working I’m so excited! Thank you!!



    LOL, Fantastic. If you appreciate the support and the free Plugin, I invite you to leave feedback ★★★★★ rating


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