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    I have installed the Extended Data add-on and added a new field named Referral Phone. The slug is referral_phone. I would like to add it to the search results listing. I tried to add:

    <span class=”slp_result_address slp_result_phone”>REFERRALS: [referral_phone]</span>

    …to “Experience” > “Results Layout”, but it rendered:

    Referrals: [referral_phone]

    …as opposed to the data value that was entered into the field.

    Can you show me how this is supposed to be done and/or direct me to the documentation that explains it?





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    Hey again,

    For DeBaats purposes he doesnt’ have access to your Plugin Environment,  for our edification could you please repeat it here?

    Have you updated EXT DATA to 4.5.01 for instance?

    I’m trying to remember how I did it when I played around with it , I thought I had to have the shorctode slp_location.  This is what I see for the documentation and the short codes under results:

    slp_location shortcodes (Extended Data Manager)

    [slp_location data.<slug>]

    Replace <slug> with the field slug as shown under the Extended Data Manager interface.  You will find the slugs under the General tab , Extended Data Manager sub-tab.

    For example, if I add a field named “Has Donuts” to my location data, EDM will default to using the slug “has_donuts”.    The shortcode [slp_location data.has_donuts] will output whatever is stored in that field.   If you use a boolean data type the value will be 1 or 0 will be output.





    [slp_location data.referral_phone] and a link to the documentation page is exactly what I needed.

    <span class="slp_result_address slp_result_phone">REFERRALS: [slp_location data.referral_phone]</span>

    Works perfectly.




    It does?  Ok that is cool, I was trying to add it in my results to test it but i had the span class backwards….so I am glad you were better at  adding it successfully.

    I will try to copy that over to our new docs site. It is difficult to work between the two and not all of the documents have been transferred, updated etc.


    Thanks for letting us know…I will copy our conversation to DeBaats forum as well and mark as closed.



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