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    Hi, I have a dilemma.

    I had another plugin ruin some settings and after clearing that out my admin menu was damaged so I could not access all my plugins.

    I resolved Woocommerce by deactivate and activate and that fixed it. All is now working exept SLP.

    I tried to delete all SLP and reinstall but that did not help.

    I only get “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” when I tie to go to the SLP admin menues. (admin.php?page=slp-store-locator-le, admin.php?page=slp-pages)

    Wordpress have apperantly changed some behaviours in the capabilites in latest version but the question is: Is there a way to force updates of SLP menues and capabilities?

    PS! I cant confirm the SLP version since I cant access the menues but I have tried the latest versions from the download page.

    Please advice.




    I hacked myself a solution 😉

    I had a backup of the database and searhed for “slp”.

    In table “wp_options” I found in the setting on “wp_user_roles”


    I then used the addon “User Role Editor” and added new capabilites for “manage_slp”. “manage_slp_admin” and “manage_slp_user”.

    Now it seems to work and I have my menues again.

    The data contines: s:17:\"edit_shop_webhook\";b:1;s:17:\"read_shop_webhook\";b:1;s:19:\"delete_shop_webhook\";....

    I do not know if these also is nessesary for SLP (Experience, Pages) to work properly? So my question now is: Can you provide a list of all needed capabilities for SLP or advice if there is an “reset” option for this issue?



    Now I can access the information 😉

    Store Locator Plus:4.7.4
    Store Pages:4.4.07
    Pro Pack:4.6.5




    Thank Goodness you BACK UP your SITE

    So many people do not back up and then start pushing buttons, and I don’t mean mine.  although that happens as well, I must be getting old.

    Pages : Both ProPack and Pages are Legacy and as you know are included in Power.  You know we have been advising that eventually those legacy add-ons wont work so you either will have to make hard choice of not updating SLP or buying Power…or you might be interested in the new My SLP offerings.  (See docs)

    I know the last update of Pro PAck still works but I have no idea if  Pages is going to continue to work  nor the capabilities. I will shoot Lance a message and he can answer when he gets a chance.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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